3 октября 2017, 13:35

Интервью с Девидом Алленом

Послушал выпуск подкаста Simplify с Девидом Алленом, выписал несколько мест, которые показались мне интересными. Девид живет в Амстердаме, и звучит весьма умиротворенным.

This methodology is not about time, time just is, it’s just a thing. However, space in your head isn’t. That something you can ether have or not. But my methodology create this room, it doesn’t create time, it creates room.


— For anybody who isn't already familar with your work can you explain your methodology in just couple of term?
— Sure! Thirty seconds, all right? Anything potentially meaningful to you — get it out of your head in some trusted place, sooner or later decide exactly what it means to you and what you going to do about it, if anything. Park the results of those decisions in some trusted system, that you look at at some consistant basis, so you can then view the whole gestalt of all of your commitments and make trusted choices about what you do.
— Great! And this is called David Allen Methodology?
— No, this is the truth. David Allen is just happen to come upon it.


— It strikes me that in order to create sort of list of priorites and list of things you need to get done, and than figure out how to act upon them, you have to have a lot of trust in yourself, and decide that you actually know what to do...
— As opposed to what? Common!
— I dont’t know…
— You doing this already! You making thousands priority choices day to day, right now. You just decided that was the question to ask me. How did you do that? That might be the most important question that you could... You making priority choices all the time! You can’t stop doing this!